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Gay Marriage: 8 Random Points

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“this is the FIRST in a Long Line of course…Who didnt expect this. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post something like this”
  1. This Is A Christian Country?:
    1. A Christian country?! Aren’t only three of our laws from the Ten Commandments? And do you really expect someone to believe that it’s because of the Bible, that we have these laws? And not because we don’t want our families killed, and our things stolen? We’re all Atheists on some level, you believe in a Christian god, but by doing so, you’re denying the existence of 100s of other just as valid deities
  2. The Dictionary?:
    1. And Marriage being between a man and a woman in the dictionary? Ok, but contrary to popular belief humans came before dictionaries, not only that but dictionaries are supposed to reflect the times, they are not meant to dictate our lives in the least bit, but help to keep track of our words.
  3. Genes:
    1. Gay people not being able to pass genes isn’t even a valid argument, because gay people can pass on their genes, even if it’s not “natural” although gay men and gay women can have sex with each other to have children so again it’s not valid.
  4. Nature?:
    1. Homosexuality is found in nature. But even though it’s found in nature, that doesn’t mean anything because there are 100s if not 1000s of things found in nature that aren’t desirable to humans in our lives.
  5. They affect ME?:
    1. How can a gay couple getting married affect you in any way? You have nothing to do with gay people filing their taxes, are being able to see their loved one in the hospital or even a gay person being able to keep their partner’s child.
  6. Gay Parents=Gay Children:
    1. Children do not become gay from gay parents, the same way gay children don’t become straight because of straight parents.
  7. Ill Will Toward Children?:
    1. How can a gay family be denied existence because of the fact that gay people aren’t accepted so it will be harmful to the family. Or that even a gay family isn’t right just because it will bring harm with no valid reason? What about a person joining the military? That could bring in drastic negative effects of a family, especially if the parent dies?
  8. No Childrens?:
    1. Gay people can’t have children, but what about singles, what about infertile couples, what about seniors?

Random Post 1: December Fools Day

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Is anyone else so sick of hearing superstitious idiots try and limit my life with their own ignorance people don’t even realize that the Mayan calendar doesn’t match up with the Gregorian Calendar(Modern World Calendar) and they don’t even realize that if we follow the Mayan Calendar we would be well past the years 2010, hell past even the year 4000, for they are an ANCIENT civilization, before the time of “Christ” for which the Gregorian calendar was based on.

United States: Health Care Bill

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I don’t understand what’s going on in Washington. It used to be that the United States was the leader in world Progressiveness, well in the technical sense on the world stage. Our country represented something the “American Dream”, to me more and more that dream is for new comers to the country and not those of us who have ancestor who built it. Before I begin to ramble let me get to the meat and potatoes per-say, it makes absolutely no sense to me that people are complaining about a “Public Option” saying its socialism.

To me this is a certain group of people way of getting re-elected leading me to believe more and more than people don’t care about the nation as much as they care about power and the money they are receiving from these lobbyists from the insurance companies. It scares me also, because I dont want our country to end up like the dystopic United States of the movie “Manchurian Candidate” where every form of government around the world has been infiltrated by super-corporations. If it does happen..or already has..we would never know, for we are just the little people.

As far as socialism goes, that argument can easily be defeated by simple logic. We all pay for things everyday that we may never use, insurance in general is a “what if” expense. Nobody complains about property taxes going to public schools and we all have to pay those, no matter if you live in a house or apartment, rent goes toward a piece of lands property taxes to. You may never need to call the police or use an ambulance but tax dollars go to these things everyday, and lets not even mention how many tax dollars goes to the most well-funded military on Earth. I don’t understand how people are saying its socialism to take care of your citizens, which is the sole purpose of the government in general. If thats socialism, then we need a little bit of it, as a matter have we have allot of it on some level or another, how dare Republican and conservative Democrats use this as a weapon against the President…its not entirely their fault though, Americans have notoriously been interested in propoganda, just look at the entertainment industry’s handling of Tiger Woods, they didnt only go after his personal life, but his Sports record…for shame..

Ugh, I love Politics, and even though they may be boring, or “corrupt”, there will always be something to talk about.. :O)

Does Reminiscing make me sad/ Are Insecurities always bad?

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During reminiscing I find myself sometimes staring into space and thinking about the good times I’ve had in my most recent relationship. Thinking of all the good times we had, all the insecurities I had within myself at the beginning hoping they wouldn’t have an adverse affect on this new person in my life. My heart tell me sometimes “you better stop doing this to me, or I’m going to cry” but my mind tells my heart “we don’t need to cry about this, we expected it, and we dealt with it accordingly”. Truth is I don’t know if my mind is right because at the end of the day what really bothers me is that I’m even able to say to myself don’t cry.  I have never been a person to hide my emotions; I don’t think I should have to pretend to be somebody I’m not. This fact though brings me to focus of this blog.

Reminiscing doesn’t always have to make you sad; it’s only human to miss those things that made you happy. It’s also only human to want to experience those things again and feel those feelings again. A bad experience one time shouldn’t keep you from trying your best to live your life to the fullest, and it definitely shouldn’t make you feel as though you need to punish the next person for your past misfortunes.

So yes, reminiscing is “sad” per-say, but no reminiscing doesn’t make me sad. What makes me sad is the feeling of wasted time, or effort, maybe even the fact that I loved someone who obviously didn’t love me back. At the end of the day though, I’m finally at the point where I can see that all is not lost. I feel like the memories I had are memories for a reason, and with all this life ahead of me I can’t help but wonder what new memories I’ll soon be strong enough to experience romantically.

Insecurities vary depending on how you personally want to define them. So while Insecurity defined as “Lacking self-confidence; plagued by anxiety” it can also be defined as “Inadequately guarded or protected” the later will be my definition. Insecurities to me are those parts of you that you hide from others as to protect yourself from harm emotionally. Most of the time only those people closest to you know those insecurities just by being around you for an extended period of time and getting to know you, someone like a brother or best friend.  These insecurities can lead to quite a few positive traits as well, let’s say you’re the type of person who falls to fast, sooner or later all the pain will lead you to become a hermit of sorts with your heart. You will find yourself protecting your heart by not letting it out to soon, not saying the L-Word” to fast, and finally being able to build a relationship with someone without investing too much too soon.

Socially insecurities are more often than not associated with a person’s bad characteristic, my insecurities though actually worked positively from my aspect of the relationship. They allowed me to be prepared for the “jackassery” to come. I do have a bit of advice though, although everyone has their insecurities, it may be best to not let them control your life, you have to live and let live. Some things just aren’t worth stressing over…I mean think about the things insecurities do for us that are positive, everyone is different. The trick is to overcome those insecurities, and until they are overcome use them to your advantage, if you know you fall to fast, protect yourself, if you know you have issues with clinginess get a hobby!

Introduction to Love & Politics

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My two greatest passions in life, the study of Politics and the mystery of this elusive emotion we call Love.

  1. Politics:
    • Senators, Presidents, Representatives to the United States, Supreme Court Justices, House Speakers, Cabinet Secretaries, and randomly GDPs and Population Statistics. I love it all, how could I not write about it….?
  2. Love:
    • I’m a true romantic type of guy, I believe in Real-Love, Soul-Mates, Love conquering all. Naive subjects I admit but I cant help it, IDK where I get it, IDK where I see it, IDK how to experience it, but what I do know……is that Love has to be out there for everyone there are nearly 7 billion of us after all.