Gay Marriage: 8 Random Points

“this is the FIRST in a Long Line of course…Who didnt expect this. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post something like this”
  1. This Is A Christian Country?:
    1. A Christian country?! Aren’t only three of our laws from the Ten Commandments? And do you really expect someone to believe that it’s because of the Bible, that we have these laws? And not because we don’t want our families killed, and our things stolen? We’re all Atheists on some level, you believe in a Christian god, but by doing so, you’re denying the existence of 100s of other just as valid deities
  2. The Dictionary?:
    1. And Marriage being between a man and a woman in the dictionary? Ok, but contrary to popular belief humans came before dictionaries, not only that but dictionaries are supposed to reflect the times, they are not meant to dictate our lives in the least bit, but help to keep track of our words.
  3. Genes:
    1. Gay people not being able to pass genes isn’t even a valid argument, because gay people can pass on their genes, even if it’s not “natural” although gay men and gay women can have sex with each other to have children so again it’s not valid.
  4. Nature?:
    1. Homosexuality is found in nature. But even though it’s found in nature, that doesn’t mean anything because there are 100s if not 1000s of things found in nature that aren’t desirable to humans in our lives.
  5. They affect ME?:
    1. How can a gay couple getting married affect you in any way? You have nothing to do with gay people filing their taxes, are being able to see their loved one in the hospital or even a gay person being able to keep their partner’s child.
  6. Gay Parents=Gay Children:
    1. Children do not become gay from gay parents, the same way gay children don’t become straight because of straight parents.
  7. Ill Will Toward Children?:
    1. How can a gay family be denied existence because of the fact that gay people aren’t accepted so it will be harmful to the family. Or that even a gay family isn’t right just because it will bring harm with no valid reason? What about a person joining the military? That could bring in drastic negative effects of a family, especially if the parent dies?
  8. No Childrens?:
    1. Gay people can’t have children, but what about singles, what about infertile couples, what about seniors?

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