“Negro” in United States Federal Census

…I don’t believe this. I hadn’t realized that Jim Crow laws were reinstated this past week, and I also didn’t even realize that this White Majority, up and decided to go and talk to the LAST 3 elderly black people who still consider themselves a 2nd class citizen. People of African Descent have come a long way, or so I was confused to believe. To me the word “Negro” is just as bad as the “N-Word” a word that has NEVER been uttered from my lips, in Slang form or derogatory form, to me this word represent a lack of both self-respect and knowledge of everything our ancestor went through to get us to the place where we are now.

It amazes me how everyone thought the election of President Obama made racism go away. I’ll reference the first place I found out about the use of this word on a federal document, here, check out those comments and you tell me that racism disappeared in 2008. I “love” to see people perpetuating what white people already think about us. These peopel do NOT see themselves as racist from their always beginning with “Im not a racist but….” posts and replies, but honestly, if you didnt think you were about to write something racist you wouldnt have written that….2nd class citizen black people are obviously still considered.

I’m so disgusted and disappointed at my country right now that I cant even think straight. I don’t have the ability right now to play “devil’s advocate” with the federal government. I don’t care what any other black person says who “supports” the use of the word “Negro” and ALL of its form, I don’t care to much for people who say we are taking BACK a word that as never ours to begin with. All I care about is the fact that more and more we ware showing a lack of SELF-RESPECT, and a forgetfulness of the struggles our ancestor had to go through…today I learn that we are even further behind in racial relations that I thought. A group and ROOM full of white people decided that the word “Negro” was still acceptable on a FEDERAL document because they “think” some older black people, (the ones who FOUGHT for us to not be considered 2nd class citizens BTW), would appreciate the generosity the , yea…thats logical indeed. I have white friend who would take offense to this, thats just how illogical the mindset is in the Senate…with ONE illegally posted black senator…


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