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Since I cant walk down the street hand in hand with my boyfriend, without fearing for my life, and have less than half the rights of Straight ppl, I should pay less than half their taxes.

Washington State wants to tax UNMARRIED couples. I don’t understand how that works, and where does it stop? I mean will Straight boyfriend/girlfriend couples be taxed as married couples? Will Roomates?! This isn’t justice, this isnt fair, and this most definitely isn’t an issues that gay rights SUPPORTERS should support? Its overstepping, Adoption, Marriage, Equal Workers rights, and a myriad of other issues need to be taken care of before we’re unequally taxed, under the veil of “equality”.

I understand that the state was giving the Gay Community an “Olive Branch” of sorts, but I dont want special┬átreatment, its like a Fminist fighting for rights but not Privileges of Males, its not fair for me to be treated differently because of who/how I have sex or with.


Pre-Amble “Misconceptions” Rant

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The Pre-Amble, although NOT legally binding in any legal sense, says “We The People”, this is commonly misconstrued to mean everyone in the United States, but who we “we the people” when this was written, “white PROPERTY owning men”..who are “we the people now “all people in the United States, in all of our diversity”….altho, there are still a few of us..not treated equally..for example, the 14th Amendment, which was passed in 1868, calls for the Equal Protection of the law, were women equally protected then? Nope, not until 1920 did women get Suffrage. MY point is that we may not have it yet, but one day hopefully #Gay people in the #UnitedStates will have equal treatment under the law, from Adoptions, to Marriages, to JOB security, will one day to have equal protection under the law….we have to fight though, it will not be handed to us…

Rant on Dying Alone…:(

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I cant believe that in this day and age people can STILL be denied visitation of dying relatives in 29states, just because bigots dont like the type of sex gay people have…this is probably the most heartbreaking and devastating failure of the American Justice System, for this ISNT justice. You mean to tell me I can go get married in Connecticut, go on vacation in Florida and die alone because Im not a female?

As if they were just Acquaintances…I know this is an old article, Im just posting it to prove a point, and hopefully start a constructive discussion

And probably the best article Iv read in the past few years