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United States: Health Care Bill

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , on December 24, 2009 by phoenixjeff

I don’t understand what’s going on in Washington. It used to be that the United States was the leader in world Progressiveness, well in the technical sense on the world stage. Our country represented something the “American Dream”, to me more and more that dream is for new comers to the country and not those of us who have ancestor who built it. Before I begin to ramble let me get to the meat and potatoes per-say, it makes absolutely no sense to me that people are complaining about a “Public Option” saying its socialism.

To me this is a certain group of people way of getting re-elected leading me to believe more and more than people don’t care about the nation as much as they care about power and the money they are receiving from these lobbyists from the insurance companies. It scares me also, because I dont want our country to end up like the dystopic United States of the movie “Manchurian Candidate” where every form of government around the world has been infiltrated by super-corporations. If it does happen..or already has..we would never know, for we are just the little people.

As far as socialism goes, that argument can easily be defeated by simple logic. We all pay for things everyday that we may never use, insurance in general is a “what if” expense. Nobody complains about property taxes going to public schools and we all have to pay those, no matter if you live in a house or apartment, rent goes toward a piece of lands property taxes to. You may never need to call the police or use an ambulance but tax dollars go to these things everyday, and lets not even mention how many tax dollars goes to the most well-funded military on Earth. I don’t understand how people are saying its socialism to take care of your citizens, which is the sole purpose of the government in general. If thats socialism, then we need a little bit of it, as a matter have we have allot of it on some level or another, how dare Republican and conservative Democrats use this as a weapon against the President…its not entirely their fault though, Americans have notoriously been interested in propoganda, just look at the entertainment industry’s handling of Tiger Woods, they didnt only go after his personal life, but his Sports record…for shame..

Ugh, I love Politics, and even though they may be boring, or “corrupt”, there will always be something to talk about.. :O)


Introduction to Love & Politics

Posted in Love, Politics on December 22, 2009 by phoenixjeff

My two greatest passions in life, the study of Politics and the mystery of this elusive emotion we call Love.

  1. Politics:
    • Senators, Presidents, Representatives to the United States, Supreme Court Justices, House Speakers, Cabinet Secretaries, and randomly GDPs and Population Statistics. I love it all, how could I not write about it….?
  2. Love:
    • I’m a true romantic type of guy, I believe in Real-Love, Soul-Mates, Love conquering all. Naive subjects I admit but I cant help it, IDK where I get it, IDK where I see it, IDK how to experience it, but what I do know……is that Love has to be out there for everyone there are nearly 7 billion of us after all.