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Since I cant walk down the street hand in hand with my boyfriend, without fearing for my life, and have less than half the rights of Straight ppl, I should pay less than half their taxes.

Washington State wants to tax UNMARRIED couples. I don’t understand how that works, and where does it stop? I mean will Straight boyfriend/girlfriend couples be taxed as married couples? Will Roomates?! This isn’t justice, this isnt fair, and this most definitely isn’t an issues that gay rights SUPPORTERS should support? Its overstepping, Adoption, Marriage, Equal Workers rights, and a myriad of other issues need to be taken care of before we’re unequally taxed, under the veil of “equality”.

I understand that the state was giving the Gay Community an “Olive Branch” of sorts, but I dont want special treatment, its like a Fminist fighting for rights but not Privileges of Males, its not fair for me to be treated differently because of who/how I have sex or with.


What I Learned: From Music Pt1

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“My first post in 2010, directed at a defining feature of mines, music. I’ll do this sometimes hence, Pt1”-PhoenixJ

I don’t know where I’d be without a good song. I don’t understand how some people can say out of their human mouths “Im just not a music person”, my little brother said that last week and I almost disowned him. Music has helped me get through some of the most trying times in my life. My Emo Music phase helped me get through college, my Love songs have helped me get through break-ups, and have helped me look forward to finding something special again. They have also helped remind me that I am a pretty good guy on the inside and out, and that I don’t need a relationship to complete me, because I love myself first.

Hmm, maybe an example of a few good songs would suffice? Well here are some that have taught me some good life lessons, some new, some for years.

  • Monica taught me that an “Angel Of Mine” is waiting for me somewhere
    • Monica: The Boy Is Mine- “Angel Of Mine”
  • Kelly Rowland taught me that Im “Better Without You”
    • Kelly Rowland: Miss Kelly-“Better Without You”
  • LifeHouse taught me that Im not alone in Feeling “Blind”
    • Lifehouse: LifeHouse(CD)-“Blind”
  • Puddle Of Mudd taught me that I’m not alone if feeling “Blurry” in a world full of Liars and Fakes
    • Puddle Of Mudd: Come Clean-“Blurry”
  • Taylor Swift taught me that I’m the NOT the only one who believes in a good “Love Story”
    • Taylor Swift: Fearless- “Love Story”
  • Dolly Parton taught me the best way to be happy she says I “Better Get To Livin'”
    • Dolly Parton: BackWoods Barbie- “Better Get To Livin'”
  • Faith Evans taught me that “Tru Love” is something worth waiting on
    • Faith Evans: The First Lady- “Tru Love”
  • Mary J. Blige taught me that Im not the only “Work In Progress”, and we all have “Growing Pains”
    • Mary J. Blige: Growing Pains- “Work In Progress(Growing Pains)”