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Equality? PT1

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A foreign concept in deed for the United States at this point in time, is Equality. Hateful, bigoted people want to, and are succeeding in denying rights to a myriad of individuals, right now I’m talking about the EXTENDED GLBTIQ Community. Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, Trans-Gendered, Intersex, and Questioning(sometimes Queer) individuals…..

Supposedly, according to the Right and a few “Moderate” individuals, the 14 Amendment doesn’t apply to the “GLBTIQ” community. I do NOT advocate the changing over night of a nation, what I do argue against is that this would be an over night change, that somehow the legalization of Gay Marriage would have detrimental consequences to “families”, as if their haven’t been children brought up in gay household for centuries., what these people are really saying is that a “gay family” isn’t good enough, and their children don’t deserve to have their parent’s love for eachother validated by their state, their Slave’-Taxing STATE, for thats the onyl definition I can give an institution that unFairly taxes their cisitzens.

I have a Myriad discontent to voice about the mistreatment of the  Trans-Gendered and Intersexed community, like their continued lumping in with the gay community much to their Chagrin. These people ARE NOT a Sexuality like, Gay, Lesbian, and Bi-Sexual, for they can either of those. Trans-Gendered people and Intersexed people are GENDERS!! and Sexes!!…A Trans-Man for example can be either Gay or Bi-Sexual, this may be a concept hard to grasp but its the truth…so many details so little time, Goodness forbid that someone take the time to learn about people other than themselves, and grasp the basic human fact that the world and all of our experiences are relative and not black and white set in stone.

Marriage for the Gay Community is FAR from the only worry the gay community has to face, in my opinion Hate Crimes protections are Paramount, followed by Adoption and Worker’s Rights, but seeing as though Marriage comes with 1000s of unspoken rights, Gay Marriage has moved to the forefront of the Gay Rights Movement. I do not believe that who I have sex with should be a legal means of deprivation of my Livelihood, basically I shouldn’t be able to be fired from my job for Gay Sex. The “Ick” factor has been used in various “tasteful” articles these passed few months, for the feeling straight men get when thinking about two-men kissing as opposed to lesbians. This isn’t valid, I don;t understand how in a society as socially and technologically advanced as ours that this is accepted SCIENCE, and Political Logic?!

Adoption should be a no brainer, a child wants to be loved. The “Right” would rather deny a child a family, and be alone than to allow a child a loving caring household…

They Equate Homosexuality with Bestiality and Pedophilia, simply put Gay MEN are rapists of everyone including animals. The Right argues that opening up Gay Marriage nationally will lead to Beast-Human Marriages and Child-Man Marriages, seriously? Theres a BIG GIGANTIC difference….animals and children are not consenting adults, and Animals Children cannot sign CONTRACTS, so how would this open up any type of Marriage except those performed by TWO consenting Adults…..but then even if that argument is negated logically, someone will always play the Polygamy card….I wont even get started…

Some might argue that they just want marriage for straight people and don’t mind civil unions. I negate this with various websites, and propaganda filled television interviews that denounced gay marriage and ALL marriage “related” institutions…so once again GAY RIGHTS ORGANISATIONS that point is inValid….we need to get smart, we need to get organised and we need to separate ourselves from those mis-informed Gay “Rights” workers who would advocate Civil Union over Marriage because its “easier”…I’ll bring up one of my favorite all-time Quotes from the Original Civil Rights Movement of the 60s…”Seperate is NOT Equal” my anybody’s Scales…



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Since I cant walk down the street hand in hand with my boyfriend, without fearing for my life, and have less than half the rights of Straight ppl, I should pay less than half their taxes.

Washington State wants to tax UNMARRIED couples. I don’t understand how that works, and where does it stop? I mean will Straight boyfriend/girlfriend couples be taxed as married couples? Will Roomates?! This isn’t justice, this isnt fair, and this most definitely isn’t an issues that gay rights SUPPORTERS should support? Its overstepping, Adoption, Marriage, Equal Workers rights, and a myriad of other issues need to be taken care of before we’re unequally taxed, under the veil of “equality”.

I understand that the state was giving the Gay Community an “Olive Branch” of sorts, but I dont want special treatment, its like a Fminist fighting for rights but not Privileges of Males, its not fair for me to be treated differently because of who/how I have sex or with.

Gay Marriage: 8 Random Points

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“this is the FIRST in a Long Line of course…Who didnt expect this. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post something like this”
  1. This Is A Christian Country?:
    1. A Christian country?! Aren’t only three of our laws from the Ten Commandments? And do you really expect someone to believe that it’s because of the Bible, that we have these laws? And not because we don’t want our families killed, and our things stolen? We’re all Atheists on some level, you believe in a Christian god, but by doing so, you’re denying the existence of 100s of other just as valid deities
  2. The Dictionary?:
    1. And Marriage being between a man and a woman in the dictionary? Ok, but contrary to popular belief humans came before dictionaries, not only that but dictionaries are supposed to reflect the times, they are not meant to dictate our lives in the least bit, but help to keep track of our words.
  3. Genes:
    1. Gay people not being able to pass genes isn’t even a valid argument, because gay people can pass on their genes, even if it’s not “natural” although gay men and gay women can have sex with each other to have children so again it’s not valid.
  4. Nature?:
    1. Homosexuality is found in nature. But even though it’s found in nature, that doesn’t mean anything because there are 100s if not 1000s of things found in nature that aren’t desirable to humans in our lives.
  5. They affect ME?:
    1. How can a gay couple getting married affect you in any way? You have nothing to do with gay people filing their taxes, are being able to see their loved one in the hospital or even a gay person being able to keep their partner’s child.
  6. Gay Parents=Gay Children:
    1. Children do not become gay from gay parents, the same way gay children don’t become straight because of straight parents.
  7. Ill Will Toward Children?:
    1. How can a gay family be denied existence because of the fact that gay people aren’t accepted so it will be harmful to the family. Or that even a gay family isn’t right just because it will bring harm with no valid reason? What about a person joining the military? That could bring in drastic negative effects of a family, especially if the parent dies?
  8. No Childrens?:
    1. Gay people can’t have children, but what about singles, what about infertile couples, what about seniors?