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OilSpill: 2010

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Two things….Response time and Regulation

Response Time: People act as if they wanted the President to know beforehand that the oil spill was going to occur, teleport down to the site, and plug it up with his Big Toe. I don’t understand how this is being compared to a NATURAL disaster when this was a purely human error on more levels than the one. Took President Bush 4 days to sign a $10 Billion Help-Package for the area around Katrina, by the way for the fact checkers…

Regulation: I can’t stress enough how important, and sometimes detrimental regulation and DEregulation are to the people of the United States in all aspect of life. Every industry in the United States from the Food and Cars Industries, to the Drug and Oil Industries, regulation is the driving force behind many, if not all internal policies of these companies large and small. Regulation is here to protect people, and the American people’s pocket books even if sometime it may not seem that way.

Like it or not these institutions were set in place, much to the Business Right’s Chagrin, for their own protection. Can you imagine companies with Financial gains greater than most countries GDP in a year running around doing whatever they pleased?  The Oil industry alone as a whole, makes more money in a year than Canada , coming in at 11 on some GDP scales when ranked internationally.

I could go into all the detrimental ramifications of a deregulated oil industry, but I’ll give a smaller example for the sake of argument. The Coal Industry, there was a cave-in in Kentucky at Dotiki mine. This Mine ALONE was found by State Inspectors to have suffered 44 safety-violations under the law, and from January 2009 alone to April 2010 they were issues 31 closure notices. This is the problem with DeRegulation, a state or federal agency can issue all the closure notifications, and an infinite amount of violations under the law, but without a support agency to file FINES, or SEEK closure via force, these are but empty threats.

This is where the Chief executive of the State, Governor, and the Nation, President come into play, they are in control of their country and state Bureaucracy, this means that they can either provide funds for these agencies to carry out their duty, or they can eliminate their budget…this is why the Executive Branch is labeled….Executive….If a state or nation is run by a Republican, they are highly likely to cut the budgets of Regulatory Agencies such as the FCC for example, because they CAN, a Democratic executive is more than likely to increase funds to regulatory agencies…….Presidents have control of 100s of federal regulatory agencies with 1000s of sub-agencies. Any commoner can see that yes, the Government is big, but it didn’t grow that way on accident, without them we may have fallen under a Manchurian Candidate styled Government decades ago.

My opinion on the clean-up….I don’t have one, I think that this ordeal will be best judged AFTER the spill is plugged and the clean-up is fulfilled….Maybe I’ll post again when that happens…

SideBar: I’ve noticed how the OilSpill isn’t FRONT PAGE NEWS on anymore..Gee wonder why that is…maybe because their catering to a certain demographic? Nobody ever calls on CNN for their mismanaging of the news…..


Pre-Amble “Misconceptions” Rant

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The Pre-Amble, although NOT legally binding in any legal sense, says “We The People”, this is commonly misconstrued to mean everyone in the United States, but who we “we the people” when this was written, “white PROPERTY owning men”..who are “we the people now “all people in the United States, in all of our diversity”….altho, there are still a few of us..not treated equally..for example, the 14th Amendment, which was passed in 1868, calls for the Equal Protection of the law, were women equally protected then? Nope, not until 1920 did women get Suffrage. MY point is that we may not have it yet, but one day hopefully #Gay people in the #UnitedStates will have equal treatment under the law, from Adoptions, to Marriages, to JOB security, will one day to have equal protection under the law….we have to fight though, it will not be handed to us…